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Professional financial and accounting firm in Johannesburg

Anthurico is a leading financial and accounting tax consultant in Johannesburg that provides professional and expert tax, accounting and business services to both large and small businesses. Whatever personal or business requirements you may have, the team at Anthurico can provide a tailor made solution that meets all your needs.

Providing a professional service

Anthurico offers an array of services that focus on providing you with the best professional accounting and financial management assistance. From tax returns to business registration, accounting, bookkeeping or just financial advice you require, Anthurico can offer an efficient solution to best suit your needs.

Tax Services

Anthurico has sufficient experience to provide you with reliable assistance in any of the following:
– Business Income Tax
– Personal Income Tax
– VAT returns
– Electronic PAYE / SITE / VAT / SDL / UIF / WCA filings
– Checking of tax assessments and, if necessary, compiling and lodgement of objections with appropriate legal grounds therefore as provided by the Tax Act
– Advice on tax legislation, interpretation and resulting implications for the client
– Registration as employers for close corporations / private companies / proprietors
– Reconciliation of EMP 501 and drawing up of tax certificates with lodgement to SARS

Business registration

Anthurico is committed to providing support and assisting your business in the following:
– Company registration
– Close Corporation registration
– VAT registration
– Company Income Tax registration
– PAYE / SDL / UIF registration with SARS
– UIF registration with the Department of Labour
– Workman’s Compensation registration
– Personal Income Tax registration
– Conversion of a Close Corporation to a Private Company
– CIPRO annual returns

Audits and annual review

Tap into the vast knowledge Anthurico has accumulated over the years in:
– Annual year-end Audit for small to medium size companies
– Audit of Fixed Assets
– Independent Review of Companies as per the new Companies Act
– Accounting Officer of Close Corporations
– Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

General and secretarial services

Anthurico can also provide expert advice and help in the following:
– Advice on legislation and interpretation of provisions in the Close Corporations Act and Companies Act and resulting implications to your business
– Administration of Minute Books, Company Registers and share certificates
– Ensuring the AGM is held in accordance to Memorandum of Association

Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services

Anthurico can also assist your business by accurately managing the following:
– Monthly accounting / bookkeeping
– Completion of all statutory returns
– Financial statements
– Monthly management reports
– Calculate earnings, deductions and payroll taxes
– Provide a method of paying your employees that suits your particular needs
– Setting of budgets


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